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  • How to deal with difficult clients

    In the events and hospitality industry, dealing with clients on a regular basis is part of the job. Whether you are a planner, hotelier or supplier, your goal is to make clients happy and do your best to meet their demands. At times, however, the demands become excessive and difficult to manage. This is where it becomes important to maintain a positive client relationship (even if it seems impossible at times), and do your best to keep the client happy…

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  • Four ways to optimize your networking opportunities

    By Jennifer Beale In the meetings and events industry, one of the key predictors of your success is your ability to build relationships with influential people who connect powerfully and create high-trust relationships fast. And just like them, you can learn to effortlessly create profitable, winning relationships with anyone you want. While industry events are ideal places to find potential customers and partners, often the results are disappointing. You do everything the experts say: shake hands confidently, look people in…

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  • The future of talent in meetings and events

    By Issa Jouaneh Meetings and events are about bringing people together. This is an industry that combines art and science to create unforgettable experiences, and relies heavily on talent within to manage the seamless execution of those experiences. To succeed, it takes a special kind of person with the right training, a firm grasp on new technology, passion and integrity. My team at American Express Meetings & Events has explored the future of talent in the meetings and events industry,…

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