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  • 2021 Should See Significant Bounce Back in Exhibition Industry: Survey Says

    The impact of COVID-19 on the exhibition industry has been severe but signs point to a quick recovery in 2021. This is according to UFI’s latest global barometer survey results. The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry reports that industry revenues will likely double in 2021, compared to 2020, when revenues represented just 28 per cent of those in 2019. Globally, between April and August 2020, more than half of all companies reported no activity. This situation changed from September,…

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  • Food and beverage: What convention and conference centres typically do wrong

    By Jeff Dover Food and beverage is an important part of a meeting, conference or convention. Many delegates rate networking as one of or the key reason they attend, and much of the networking is done at meals or on breaks. Gala dinners can be another highlight. A facility with good food and beverage is important to event convenors when choosing a venue. For the venues, food and beverage is a key component of the offering. In some facilities which…

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