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    Tips For Contracts and RFPs During COVID

      by Shannon Byck and Joe Nishi Over the last two years, the business events industry has been incredibly impacted by meeting cancellations and “lifting and shifting” of groups. From a contract perspective, we have had to quickly incorporate addendums and revisions to contracts that allowed for updated Force Majeure, flexible deposit, attrition and cancellation schedules and a huge amount of goodwill and relationship capital has been spent working through all of this. What should not be overlooked is the…

    Event Budgeting, Event Operations

  • Getting noticed: Four tips planners can use for making their event RFP stand out

    Growing up, one of my mom’s adages was “there’s a time and a place for getting noticed!” This may or may not be true – but what I do know for sure is that I want the Request for Proposal (RFP) for my events to stand out to prospective venues every time. Preparing to release an RFP for an upcoming event can be an exciting time, but it can also be wrought with anxiety about how much/what information to include,…

    Event Budgeting, Event Operations, Site Selection

  • RFPs: A view from both sides of the events industry

    By Jennifer Glynn and Joe Nishi Getting a quote on pricing for your meeting and event is more challenging than ever. Trying to find the right venue, at the right value as quickly and efficiently as possible, with fewer resources than ever can be stressful for meeting planners. On the other side, venues have sophisticated revenue models, yield management and space optimization parameters that must be followed. There is constant pressure to increase profit margins to make up for past…

    Event Budgeting, Event Operations

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