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    Reimagine Sponsors as Brand Partners

      Event sponsorship must be reimagined as a personalized “brand partnership” to inspire creative, experiential event design that better engages attendees. Keep your sponsors close, and your partners even closer. This mantra is not as ominous as it might sound. But it is personal, and has become our go-to for navigating corporate event sponsorship during a transitional period in the events management industry. Fluctuating pandemic restrictions and a pending recession may actually be the game-changing industry disruptors that breathe fresh…

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    How to Achieve ROI with Partnerships

      Events are largely successful because of deeply connected partnerships based on aligned values and shared respect. It is our business philosophy that a small group of A plus, senior level event professionals is a stronger contingent than a large agency of varied skill levels. This is the lens through which we search for our hand-picked partners and teammates, and why we celebrate them so openly. To provide insights into how and why this matters, here is our event partnerships…

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    Sponsorship Expectations For 2022

      Understanding that in 2021, oil reached its highest levels in seven years. Unemployment is at the same level as it was pre-pandemic. We saw record levels for the TSE, although late year dipping and sell-off was expected as a correction, but we are still ahead. All this leads to predictions of a future strong economy, although we will continue to have an inflationary effect on our spending dollar and continued COVID effects. This means that brands will have to…

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  • How to Sell Hybrid Events to Sponsors

    With the easing of lockdown restrictions and reopening of borders worldwide, hybrid events are expected to return in a big way. In fact, a new research study revealed 58 per cent of organizers are running hybrid events in 2021, and another 17 per cent have already committed to do so in 2022. That same study showed organizers are feeling confident about the return of in-person events, with 71 per cent saying their attendees expressed readiness in meeting face-to-face this year.…

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  • Bringing it Home: The ROI of the Sales Conference

    By Ben Moorsom When the sales conference is over and your teams are back in the field, are they applying what they learned? Selling is one of the toughest jobs in any organization. It requires the right mix of motivation, personality and skill to persuade a potential buyer to commit to a deal. And it’s a grind — pursuing leads, relentlessly following up, making them the right offer, all while keeping a close eye on the competition. It’s not for…

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  • Five corporate travel challenges meeting planners should prepare for

    By Dirk Baerts The year 2016 continues to bring unprecedented opportunities for the meetings and incentives industry in Canada. While new opportunities exist, meeting planners and travel organizers will also face increased challenges. Canada is an attractive destination for international business meetings thanks to its high level of service, easy access, business culture, as well as competitive pricing. According to ICCA, Canada ranked 9th in the world in 2014 for most international meetings held. Destinations like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal continue…

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  • Examining the ROI of great event design

    A question came up on Twitter recently, “what is the ROI of great event design?” This to me is what is considered a beautiful question in that it does not have an easy answer, but does incite thought and discussion. Please add your comments below! Return on Investment (ROI) is a critical factor which plays into strategic meeting management (SMM), participation in trade shows, who we buy from, and ultimately what we buy, including the events we choose to attend.…

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  • ROI checklist: Items to consider to ensure a healthy return on investment for your meetings

    We all know meetings don’t just happen. They take planning, company resources’ time and hard earned cash. In order to understand your meeting’s ROI, it is necessary to measure the full extent of the costs required to execute a successful meeting. It all begins with establishing your objectives.  Let’s start with the most basic of questions. Why – What is the purpose of the meeting? What is your message? How do you want your participants to behave and feel at…

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  • Examining the unbeatable relationship equity in face-to-face meetings

    The value of meeting face-to-face must always be evaluated and a cost-benefit ratio applied. This may include factors such as (but not limited to): Objective of the meeting(s) Travel distance and cost Travel time and availability meet Ancillary costs – ground transfers, meals Large costs – meeting venues, food and beverage, furniture and equipment, production Large costs – exhibiting – wide and varied What business can be accomplished face-to-face that cannot be done in other ways? What it comes down…

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