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  • IAEE White Paper Highlights Considerations for Safe Return of Events

    A new white paper released by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) provides essential considerations for safely reopening exhibitions and events during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Although we are eager to get back to our usual face-to-face business environment, safety must be the top priority and we must look to the science and medical communities for the best ways to go about producing our shows,” says IAEE president and CEO, David DuBois. IAEE’s health and safety task force teamed…

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  • Air Canada updates schedule following the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX

    Press Release Air Canada said today that it has adjusted its schedule through to April 30 to cover 98 per cent of its planned flying following Transport Canada’s closure of Canadian airspace to Boeing 737 MAX aircraft operations. In compliance with the safety notice, Air Canada has grounded its 24 737 MAX aircraft and Boeing has advised that deliveries of its 737 MAX are currently suspended. Air Canada was expecting six new aircraft in March and April. Air Canada is now updating its May schedule to…

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  • First-Rate Event Security Starts with a Seamless Plan

    For event planners, it goes without saying that creating a memorable guest experience is a critical aspect of the job. But what about those “behind-the-scenes” components delegates can’t see or taste? While crisp acoustics and scrumptious cuisine, prominent guest speakers and dazzling party venues, are all part and parcel to what make an event successful, seamless security and risk preparedness are every bit as important—if not, more so. Gone are the days when a slippery floor or a loose guardrail…

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  • Safety and security education for planners

    By Maria da Cunha, CTC, CMP Planning an event consists of various planning aspects throughout the life of the event. In today’s environment, one of the most important stages is security for the event and how the planner ensures that everyone and everything is protected leading up to and during the event. Security has always been part of event planning, but it’s not always top of mind in the initial planning stages of the event. Instead, it is often considered…

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  • U.S. business travellers rate travel safety in developed and emerging destinations

    Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, London, New York & Munich top destinations travellers feel most safe Business travellers view terrorism as the greatest safety risk they face on the road, according to a new study released by the GBTA Foundation, the research and education arm of the Global Business Travel Association. Almost half (45 per cent) rank it as their greatest concern when travelling for business, much higher than the share indicating street crime (15 per cent), illness/disease outbreaks/sanitation (13 per…

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  • Planning is for the people: Why safety and enjoyment are paramount

    If we believe that as meeting and event professionals our number one responsibility is the people who participate in our meetings, then we need to look at what this means. We are responsible for their safety, their enjoyment, their learning, and their overall experience, each with their own importance, and our own role in the same must be understood. With the ongoing tragedies that happen at events, it is critical that safety is always top of mind. Understanding there are…

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  • Planning for contingencies: tips for handling disasters at your meeting or event

    As the years pass and the number of meetings and events that I have planned increase, the more I realize how lucky I have been not to have had some major catastrophe wreak havoc on my best laid plans. Of course there have been some challenges, but we always managed to find a solution. With every event it is important to be aware of what could go wrong and ensure there is a back-up plan to handle that eventuality.

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