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  • How to Sell Hybrid Events to Sponsors

    With the easing of lockdown restrictions and reopening of borders worldwide, hybrid events are expected to return in a big way. In fact, a new research study revealed 58 per cent of organizers are running hybrid events in 2021, and another 17 per cent have already committed to do so in 2022. That same study showed organizers are feeling confident about the return of in-person events, with 71 per cent saying their attendees expressed readiness in meeting face-to-face this year.…

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  • Getting Past the Pitch-Fest: Networking events for introverts

    This is part one of a two-part series. See part two here. Networking activities can add value to many corporate events, but how do you plan them? Do you keep them simple or make it complicated? And do they bring out the best in your attendees, or does it make people anxious about participating? Let’s face it: you don’t hear the words “fun” and “networking” together very often. In fact, many of the members in our Authentic Networkers meetup group…

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  • Audience First: The biggest secret to a memorable presentation

    “OK, so, here’s what I want to talk about.” I meet with 75 or so presenters every year to help them craft talks, presentations, fireside chats and panels, and this is often the first set of words a speaker shares. This is a problem, and it’s big enough to derail your entire presentation. Many speakers think about presentations as moments of tell, as in, “I have something to tell the audience.” But the truth is, presentations are moments of sell.…

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  • Bringing it Home: The ROI of the Sales Conference

    By Ben Moorsom When the sales conference is over and your teams are back in the field, are they applying what they learned? Selling is one of the toughest jobs in any organization. It requires the right mix of motivation, personality and skill to persuade a potential buyer to commit to a deal. And it’s a grind — pursuing leads, relentlessly following up, making them the right offer, all while keeping a close eye on the competition. It’s not for…

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