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  • Get Trade Show Ready with this Exhibitor Checklist

    As pandemic restrictions continue to lift, many trade shows are committed to returning to in-person operations. This is exciting not just for attendees but also exhibitors. There is a lot to coordinate before you hit the show floor for your next big event. Given it has been quite some time since large face-to-face gatherings have been allowed, this guide provides a refresher to make the experience seamless and minimize stress. It’s also a great tool for first-time exhibitors. Pre-Show In…

    Event Operations, Meeting Checklists

  • What you need to know about shipping event materials

    By John Santini Like most people shipping to a trade show or conference, once your shipment leaves your premises you likely give little thought to its journey to your booth space in Canada. We’re just happy to see it there when we arrive! It is important, however, to understand what happens between points A and B to ensure your material makes it there, on time and during the move-in hours. Move-in day and labelling You would be surprised how many…

    Event Operations, Site Selection

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