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  • Engage millennials in Québec City

    Social media-savvy, budget-friendly tips to attract young attendees Millennials are now the biggest generation in the Canadian workforce, and a successful event should keep them feeling engaged and “in the know.” Events can also help associations woo skeptical young professionals into joining their ranks, giving them something exclusive outside of LinkedIn Groups. But events should also be worth telling others about. Unique, picture-worthy and accessible destinations like Québec City are an ideal locale for attracting experience-hungry millennials who want to…

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  • Six tips for mentoring aspiring event planners

    1. Get involved – Your first step is to be open to mentoring and to let your industry colleagues know that you are. Reach out to a college/university that offers event planning programs and ask if you could help with any of their classes. You may already be a member of a group such as MPI (Meeting Professionals International), which has aspiring event planners looking for mentors to meet and from whom to learn. If a student reaches out to…

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