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    What is Biophilic Event Design?

      In an age where urbanization and technology dominate our lives, there is a growing desire to reconnect with nature. Biophilic design, a concept that brings elements of the natural world into our built environments, has been a significant trend in architecture and interior design for some time. However, this design philosophy has now found its way into the realm of event planning, leading to the concept of biophilic event design. This innovative approach aims to create unforgettable and sustainable…

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    Canada is a Global Sustainable Event Leader

      Canada has more business-event destinations on a global sustainability index than any other country, according to a released report. The 2023 annual Global Destination Sustainability-Index (GDS-Index) show there are now 20 Canadian destinations participating in the Index, representing the highest national concentration of GDS-Index destinations globally. Achieved in collaboration with the 16 Canadian cities already participating in Destination Canada’s Canadian Business Event Sustainability Plan, this milestone not only speaks to their commitment to be sustainable hosts for international events…

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  • Sustainability in Incentive Travel

      Sustainability has been a buzzword in travel and business event planning for years. With the return of in-person meetings and events, sustainable business events are more urgent than ever. Destinations around the world are seeing increasingly more planners and attendees prioritizing sustainable events. In order to meet 2050 net zero targets, the entire industry must work collaboratively to implement solutions. Last year, Destination Canada launched its Canadian Business Events Sustainability Plan, a first-of-its-kind national program aimed at improving the…

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  • Future-casting Sustainable Event Design

      As event professionals, focusing on our future is essential. We learn from the past, observe in the present, and then design our upcoming events based on our experiences. What we have learned from the past, and continue to observe in the present, is that sustainable event design and social impact are essential considerations for the future of our industry, and for the industries and communities we serve. Business events create environments for innovation, they act as an economic engine and…

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  • How to Navigate Net Zero Events

      Corporate lingo for “mind the planet” is constantly changing. Start feeling comfortable talking about “sustainability” and “CSR”, and suddenly it’s all about “carbon neutral” and “net zero.” As challenging as it can be to keep up, it is important for event professionals to stay on top of what these terms mean if they are to deliver value and avoid liabilities in the corporate event space. So what do you need to know to speak confidently about net zero? To begin,…

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