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    Events Celebrate Human Connections

      by Tahira Endean Event professionals face an alphabet soup of things to think about and manage daily: rising costs, connections, climate change, fundraising, growth, wellness, AI, revenue, quality and so much more. There is a seemingly endless list of challenges, and yet we have a global industry that is busier than ever. Why? Simple. Events matter. They matter because we are humans. We rely on technology, including a rapid global acceptance of AI to support tasks in our business…

    Event Operations, The Business of Meetings

  • Ask Tough Questions for Better Events

      by Tahira Endean Who remembers that moment in time with no meetings or events, no air travel, no need to wear pants to work? For at least one full year, we met people online, learned how to work remotely and either fell in love with this or were desperate to return to the office, at least some of the time. We wore masks if we left the house, and we didn’t go to any events. There were no events…

    Event Operations, The Business of Meetings

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    IMEX Appoints Tahira Endean Program Head

      Vancouver-based Tahira Endean has been named head of program for the IMEX Group, an appointment that comes with the remodeling of the group’s professional learning programs delivered at both its global trade shows. Endean will develop a three-year education strategy to capitalize on IMEX’s free to attend programming to meet the industry’s thirst for knowledge and continuous development while embracing a growth mindset. The IMEX education program was envisioned and developed in 2005 by Dale Hudson, knowledge and events director.…

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