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  • Products to Help Attendees Physically Distance at Events

    Have you accidentally come within two metres of another person during COVID times? The answer is no doubt yes. People are social beings who seek closeness with others. It’s human nature and therefore bound to happen. So how can we help attendees comply with social distancing rules at events? While it’s an event planner’s responsibility to ensure a venue allows for physical distancing, simply having that space does not guarantee it will occur. Here are four products that can assist…

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  • Six Considerations Before Hosting a Live Event in the Coronavirus World

    With Alberta greenlighting indoor trade shows and exhibiting events, and other provinces likely to soon follow-suit, you may be eager (and have the opportunity) to squeeze an event in before the year is out. And rightfully so! Since March, the events industry has made do with virtual options, which, although effective, do not compare to the magic of a live event. But much has changed since pre-COVID-19. Where do you start? Here’s what you should consider as you embark on…

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