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    Build Your Teams Outside the Box

      Everyone is trying to figure out the best way to bring their teams together today. In a world changed by the pandemic and limiting face-to-face interaction for so long, individual preferences have changed. Gone are the days of an easy happy hour and free food to engage your teams. They want more, if they are going to give you more of their time. As an event planner, I’m always working to find new ways to work with my clients…

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    Experiential Entertainment For Team Building

      With all the available options and directions for an event there is nothing more effective at bonding people, team building and creating a lasting impact than moments attendees can feel. There is abundant research to support the value of fun and entertainment. According to communications guru Dale Carnegie, “People rarely succeed unless they are having fun in what they are doing.” By creating an environment where people enjoy the time they spend at an event, you set a welcoming…

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    Success Depends on Working Together

      As I sat down to think about how I wanted to excite and encourage you, my valued industry colleagues, I thought back to the phrase, ‘we’re all in this together.’ I feel compelled to remind everyone that this still holds true, and as we plan for our future, we must think about each other and our mutual success. Together is the way forward. Our relationships with our suppliers, team members, and industry are our most valuable assets. It’s these…

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  • Creative Group Activities in the Outaouais

    Eight ideas for team building, networking or post-meeting playtime Planning group activities is an effective way to infuse energy and fun into a corporate event. Attendees now want an experience that enhances their learning in a unique way. They want to grasp new industry knowledge, but they also want to mingle with colleagues in unusual settings. Rather than discuss a morning’s worth of seminars in the back of a conference room, get people talking to each other at a wine…

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  • Great events start with great engagement – even on a volunteer committee

    The typical experience of a volunteer committee unfolds as predictably as if scripted. A table is filled with enthusiastic committee members. A gung-ho committee chair. Possibly cupcakes. Then just as predictably, members drop off one by one. Other priorities, apathy and life take over. With event day looming, the few remaining end up with lion’s share of work. Sadly, a once enthusiastic crew can succumb to dysfunction and under-performance. Thankfully, there are volunteer committees that are getting it right. They…

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  • How to re-think education and training to boost interest and attendance

    By Ben Moorsom I received some great feedback and many questions from the last article I wrote on high-energy events. One of the questions that caught my attention was around how to ensure you’re bringing the right energy to the education and training components of an event. We know that if the education and training components of your event are stale, you’ll start to see a drop-off in event attendance. In fact, according to The Decision to Attend Study (January…

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  • Six tips for building a meetings and events team that gels

    Working on a team can be great – you have access to a diverse group of skills and don’t have to carry the brunt of the work all on your own. But, there are times when working on a team can feel more like a tug of war contest than anything else. As Chief Engagement Officer of Potential Unlimited, I work with a lot of teams with the mandate of helping them work together in a way that will bring…

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  • Improving client and supplier interactions

    In a series of articles over the coming months, I’d like to tackle some of the key challenges for event planners regarding client interactions. After helping you develop a solid understanding of your own style, I’ll provide some tools on how to “categorize” your clients through observable behaviours. This combined insight will then significantly improve your interaction with clients, giving you the ability to adjust to your client’s needs with an insight that generally takes a long-term working relationship to…

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