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    Why Events Need a Great Reimagination

    By Shannon Byck and Joe Nishi COVID may no longer be a part of our daily conversation but the lasting impacts are still evident today. As we sat plotting out the outline for this article, we noticed how much we struggled with cohesive and creative thoughts. If we were to be honest, the article could have been titled The Great Procrastination as most days it seems easier to avoid the task at hand versus getting things done. Why the funk?…

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  • challenges

    Surviving The Next Big Wave

      If you made it through the last two years and still have your company and team intact, then you are still standing and are ready to take on what is happening in our industry. The work is coming in harder, faster and with staggering momentum and we will need to learn to ride the wave. Our team decided early on that we would never call (whatever was to come) a tsunami, but that’s exactly what it is. For more…

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  • When to walk away when planning an event

    As an event planner, you are only as good as your last event. If something does not seem right to you, it may be time to walk away. Early on in my career, I learned an important lesson. I had earned a reputation for producing great themed events. A third-party client approached me to plan a themed dinner offsite at an attraction. I sent a proposal and their client was thrilled and approved it as presented. Well, things began to…

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  • Get the speaker you want, even if you can’t afford them

    When the perfect speaker is just out of reach, it’s time to get creative I’ve been there a few times before – you know of the best and most perfectly suited speaker for your event, but the event budget can’t afford them. Those situations can be disappointing and, sometimes, the quality of the event will suffer. But, over the years, I’ve learned that a lack of money doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get the speaker you want; you just have…

    Event Budgeting, Event Operations, Speakers & Entertainment

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