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  • National Trade Show Alliance Launches

    The National Trade Show Alliance has launched, founded in response to the challenges faced by individuals in the trade show community. “Our community members are those whose livelihood comes from the work created by in-person events, such as trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions,” says the Alliance website about the recent venture. “By creating a centralized platform, the National Trade Show Alliance will help community members find the support and resources they need right now and for their growth in the…

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  • Trade Shows 101: Planning for the perfect floor presence

    The trade show game is a daunting one if you’re new to it. Your booth is your first impression with potentially thousands of people, so making it count is non-negotiable. You need show up with a goal, design your booth around it and tailor your brand’s message to each show and attendee list — you did check that out, right? Once you’ve got delegates in the door, you need to keep them there, too. There are a lot of variables to…

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