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  • Black in Events Marks Launch with Worldwide Virtual Event

    A new global network for black professionals working in the events industry is set to make its official debut at its first-ever virtual event. On Aug. 19, from 12:00-1:45 p.m. EST, Black in Events will host ‘Accelerating Change in the Business of Events.’ The group’s mission is to bring awareness and opportunities to a growing and underrepresented group in the billion-dollar sector. “Black people are consistently marginalized in events industry roles and it’s not because we’re not here; rather, we’re…

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  • How to Pivot Sponsors from In-Person to Virtual Events

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many event brands are taking steps to move online. But how do you keep sponsors satisfied during the virtual transition? Establish an E-mail Marketing Campaign E-mail is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with attendees, regardless the circumstances. Offer sponsors an e-newsletter bundle with featured content that’s sent to attendees. Include sponsors and links to their websites and social media channels. Prior to deployment, make sure e-mails are both informative and…

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  • How to manage your online reputation

    Between the rise of social networks, cloud apps, and 24/7 wireless connected solutions, online reputation management is now an essential topic to keep in mind when managing a personal or professional online brand. Luckily for meeting planners and industry vendors, maintaining a positive and professional image needn’t be as difficult as it seems – even in an age where access to virtually anything you could want to know about anyone or anything is just a click or tap away. Below,…

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  • Fake news can cause real damage to your business

    As we find ourselves at the end of the Christmas season, a time of profound faith for many, it may be helpful to reflect on what appears to be our modern era of disbelief. Faith in institution has eroded worldwide. From the U.S. to Spain, Gallup World Polls show declining trust in governments. A recent study shows that a minority of the population (40 per cent) in OECD countries trusts their governments. Keep in mind that all the OECD countries…

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  • Engage millennials in Québec City

    Social media-savvy, budget-friendly tips to attract young attendees Millennials are now the biggest generation in the Canadian workforce, and a successful event should keep them feeling engaged and “in the know.” Events can also help associations woo skeptical young professionals into joining their ranks, giving them something exclusive outside of LinkedIn Groups. But events should also be worth telling others about. Unique, picture-worthy and accessible destinations like Québec City are an ideal locale for attracting experience-hungry millennials who want to…

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  • Digital fluidity and the human experience at meetings and events

    Digital fluidity – the premise that our lifestyle landscape is being forever changed by the ongoing onslaught of disruptive digital capabilities – can no longer be ignored by the meeting planning and hospitality communities. It is time to catch up or be left behind. What does being left behind look like? It is your hotel or venue not being selected because you are not optimized for search engines – traditional leisure/tourist sites and sophisticated e-RFP and site selection sites –…

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  • Don’t worry, be Appy: Seven tips to elevate your game with mobile event applications

    “Are we there yet?” Little Johnny is kicking the back of the seat, obviously bored, the seatbelt rubbing against the side of his flushed face, his patience long abandoned. If you are a planner who has resisted embracing the plethora of mobile event application opportunities available, chances are your attendees are feeling like “Little Johnny”. In a technological world that is spinning faster and faster, if you are not including even the simplest of event applications or social media technology,…

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  • Steps to promoting an event on Facebook

    With social media being the buzz of today and gaining momentum everyday, it is smart to get on the bandwagon and use these platforms to your company’s advantage. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are providing a broad area to connect with people and other companies. It makes it a perfect platform to share real-time information and promote your events.

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  • Establishing trust and rapport in non face-to-face situations

    When I was approached to write this article I thought, “sure, no sweat.” After all, I run a company that helps meetings industry organizations grow their business through phone and email lead generation programs. I’ve been teaching my clients and employees how to build trust and rapport for the last 14 years we’ve been in business.

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  • Survey reveals social media is a critical marketing tool for event planners; usage expected to increase

    A new survey from Constant Contact®, Inc. finds that social media marketing has become a critical marketing tool for small businesses and nonprofits planning events, with 77 per cent of event planners currently using social media to market their events, and another 14 per cent planning to do so in the next year.

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