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    Event Venue Contracts: What is at Risk

      by Heather Reid In almost every component of the event planning journey we encounter elements that speak to “risk” – the acknowledgement of risk possibilities, the assessment of potential damages, the anticipation of known risks, the planning for mitigation, the back-up plans A, B and C…and on and on. Risks associated with events are wide-ranging: natural disasters, emerging risks, terrorism, collateral damage, health and safety concerns, crime and fraud, reputation and public image damage. One of the most often over-looked…

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  • All in the details: What to include in your venue contract’s event description

    By Heather Reid Most venue contracts only capture the basics: the event name, the anticipated number of attendees and the official program dates. Unfortunately for most venue contracts, that’s insufficient. John Foster, a hospitality lawyer and certified hospitality marketing executive, says planners need to include a detailed event description section in their venue contracts that goes beyond the basics to include the particulars. It’s critical toward ensuring that planners, salespeople and venue staff are all on the same page, that…

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  • Venue contract wisdom is often woefully insufficient

    By Heather Reid A side-by-side examination of 12 signed and negotiated contracts for booking events into unconventional venues unveiled disturbing discrepancies to me. The “unconventional venue” contracts included the following Canadian locations: cultural centre, city-owned sport facility, entertainment complex, music hall, high-risk recreational facility, heritage facility, aquarium, brewery, two recreational/amusement facilities and museums in three different cities. A wide variety of unconventional venues for sure! Here are a few of the disturbing findings of my side-by-side review: Indemnification Clause: 6…

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