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    Demand For Casual Events Growing

      The biggest shift we are seeing in corporate events – and our strong prediction for the evolution of event design in the future – is a demand for more casual, authentic conversations, thoughtful content design, comfortable spaces and lots of opportunities for conversations and interaction. Gone are the days where people dress up in stiff business attire, travel far to a boring venue and sit in rows listening to some “sage on the stage” for content or for a…

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  • Use Corporate Retreats To ReConnect

      Business leaders have a problem. On one hand, their workforces are saying that they are tired of Zoom meetings and feeling isolated as they work from home, and mostly, that they miss the human connection. Leaders miss connecting with their teams in person too. But, on the other hand, employees are not keen to rush back to five days a week, 9-5pm office setting with crammed commuting and cold corporate cubicles. So how do leaders reconcile this problem? How do…

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