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  • The Importance of Self-Care For Event Managers

      The event décor is picture perfect; the music is playing. Wine is flowing freely, and a sumptuous three course gala dinner has just been served. You, however, are hiding behind a screen of pipe and drape hoping that no one notices you stuffing a handful of mints from the hotel front desk candy jar, because you realize that’s all you’ve had to eat in the last six hours. Sound familiar? Event managers are notoriously bad for looking after their…

    Meeting Community, The Business of Meetings

  • Are Virtual Events Here to Stay?

      So it is 2023, COVID responses worldwide are winding down, we don’t have to wear our masks anymore and the world is returning back to normal. Everyone wants to be back in person and virtual events have bitten the dust, right? Well…maybe. The truth is there is still a market and a need for virtual events but virtual fatigue is definitely real. The event type you ultimately choose is going to depend on many things: Your event goals What…

    Event Operations, Virtual Events

  • Advantages of Pre-Recording Content

      Why pre-record content? In a nutshell, for your sanity! Pre-recording content ensures that everything will be ready to go on the day, limiting the amount of technical issues that could occur. There’s no chance of speakers failing to turn up, having connection issues, forgetting what time zone they are in or any of the other myriad things that can go wrong with a live event. Another important and often overlooked benefit is that it gives your speakers a chance…

    Event Operations, Speakers & Entertainment, Virtual Events

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