Canada Ending Hotel Quarantines for Vaccinated Residents

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is ending mandatory hotel quarantine for Canadians who are immunized and arriving to the country air.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu said Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and essential workers who are fully vaccinated won’t need to spend three days isolating in a government-approved hotel. Rather, they’ll quarantine at home while awaiting results of a test on arrival.

“The requirement to stay in a government-authorized hotel is being lifted for people who currently have the right of entry into Canada,” said Hajdu. The exemption won’t apply to tourists or to foreign business travellers who aren’t essential workers. The government plans to roll out the measures by the first week of July.

“The difference is that fully vaccinated travellers with the right of entry to Canada will be able to forgo staying in a government authorized hotel until such time that they receive their negative day-one test. That’s the big change.”


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