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Author: Micki Lubek, CMP

Micki Lubek, CMP  is a corporate event planner in the financial sector in Toronto. She was voted “Planner Member of the Year” by MPI in 2016.  She is a passionate session presenter at industry events and continues to be an industry mentor. She believes that in this fast-paced world of digital innovation, face-to-face interactions and meetings are still the best way to build relationships and trust. Her articles centre around communication and overcoming communication barriers to building trust.

Articles by Micki Lubek, CMP

  • The insider’s guide to internal meeting spaces

    There are times when corporate planners are tasked with planning events in an internal meeting space. Usually, this means planning meetings in office buildings while managing client expectations – and what they expect is the same standard as if the meeting was held in a purpose-built venue. Perceived convenience and cost savings become the deciding factors for internal meetings, however there can be hidden costs and inconveniences that should be considered. Moving meetings into the office are rarely as simple…