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    Can Creative Catering Align With Sustainability?

      Crafting the culinary experience for special events offers an interesting way to weave a theme through your conference or gathering. With our increasingly interconnected world, a culturally diverse menu is boundless allowing for a range of menu possibilities. Of course, there is also a sustainability focus to choose local but sometimes, especially for those of us in the Prairies, fresh and local do not always coincide. However, thinking sustainability while food costs escalate is a key factor in today’s…

    Event Operations, Food & Beverage

  • Thinking in Concepts: Integrating a meeting theme from start to finish

    From the spring 2018 issue of Corporate Meetings & Events Now that designing events has graduated to a degree of sophistication well beyond a simple colour scheme, there are countless ways in which to integrate a theme into a corporate event. People now talk about experiences, the new means of integrating a theme into a corporate event. Attendees are no longer satisfied to sit down at a dinner offering the three traditional courses. They want more, and that more can…

    Event Branding & Marketing, Event Operations

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