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  • Shutting Up the Noisy Neighbours

    “No interference,” also known as “quiet enjoyment,” is a concept that exists in real estate and in tenant law that means an occupant has the right to be free from significant interference in the use and enjoyment of the occupied property. This means free of noise, distractions, disturbances and interruptions. Now you may be thinking, how does this concept relate to the events industry? The answer is simple — events are temporary tenants in venues! Therefore, the concept of no…

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  • How to make innovation simple

    In the face of today’s fast-moving, highly-volatile business world and the ongoing disruptions it brings, many businesses and individuals continue to struggle with the concept of innovation. But according to leading experts (and Merriam Webster’s dictionary), innovation is far simpler than you may suspect: By definition, it’s simply the introduction of something new. But innovating is often far easier said than done: If it were simple, everyone would be doing it, naturally. Surprisingly though, as we’ve found through our ongoing…

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  • How to address a problematic volunteer at your event

    Saying thanks, but no thanks to disruptive volunteers There are few things I find more annoying than the comment, “But I am just a volunteer!” Some people join boards or committees only to network, which is noticeable and can often impact the impression you leave. And sometimes not in a good way. What led us here? Performance problems relate to the quality, quantity, timeliness of the work or rate of improvement on an assignment. Your expectations should be clearly outlined…

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