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    Can Creative Catering Align With Sustainability?

      Crafting the culinary experience for special events offers an interesting way to weave a theme through your conference or gathering. With our increasingly interconnected world, a culturally diverse menu is boundless allowing for a range of menu possibilities. Of course, there is also a sustainability focus to choose local but sometimes, especially for those of us in the Prairies, fresh and local do not always coincide. However, thinking sustainability while food costs escalate is a key factor in today’s…

    Event Operations, Food & Beverage

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    Savouring Sustainable Food Practices

      In the realm of event management, where experiences are crafted and memories made, sustainability has emerged as a critical focal point. As the world grapples with environmental challenges, the event industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards embracing sustainable practices. At the heart of this movement lies the concept of sustainable food, where conscious choices and innovative approaches are revolutionizing the way events cater to attendees’ appetites. In this article, we explore the intersection of food and sustainability within…

    Event Operations, Food & Beverage, Green/Sustainable Meetings

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